Crystal Therapy, Chakra Healing

Healing Infinitely


I thought it would be right to explain a bit about the chakra system in “layman’s” terms, without all the jargon that makes some people run away from the knowledge the system can bring. In doing so I will also add in how crystals can help each chakra and how we can work with our chakra system. 

There are 7 (some argue 8, I will talk about the 8th too) main/major chakras in the body. which run up our spine. Chakras do not exist is the physical sense of the word however energetically the chakras are very real. The word Chakra comes from the ancient Sanskrit for “wheel” or “turning” . 

When we talk about chakras we generally talk about them from bottom up, that being the chakra at the base of the spine is called number 1, (Generally) So lets start talking about them.

  1. The BASE Chakra, This is located at…

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