7 Steps on How To Find Time to Meditate

Elizabeth Pfeiffer

If you have embarked on a meditative practice this is going to be the BIGGEST STEP in you whole process.

By creating the time to meditate or complete whatever spiritual practice you have you are sending a message to the Universe.

The message is I AM important and worthy.

Your actions show that taking the time out of your busy, hectic day for yourself to come into alignment with your Higher Self/Soul/Source/God/Goddess – whatever word you use… is important and that you are worth that time.

In return, the Universe will respond accordingly by bringing in the time to practice this, more inner peace, calm, grounding etc…

So here’s the glitch.

YOU have to decide that it’s important and that you are WORTH the 5-15 minutes it takes to meditate/practice.

Set it up in stone in your mind and make the time – Not FIND the time – Make it…

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2 thoughts on “7 Steps on How To Find Time to Meditate

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