Psychic Cleaning For Your Home



Springtime is here! Even though it really doesn’t feel like it in good ol’ New England, I am celebrating because I made it through my first winter without suffering from the blues! It’s a miracle. Or it’s crystals. You pick.

I like to clean. And like other light-workers, I like to take things to the next level. So when I clean I don’t just vacuum and wipe down the counters. I use crystals, bells, my voice, healing energy and color to get my apartment in the right shape.

Keeping your living space clean is really good for your energetic field, and your overall health.

I live in a small apartment, surrounded by others on all sides. So unless I keep the place energetically clean and protected, all of the technological pollution from the city gets into my home, and latches right onto me. Not to mention any negative or…

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