How to Cleanse and Protect Yourself

Healing and Love

Aura ProtectionA lot of people have been asking me how they can protect themselves and clean themselves of negative entities and beings or attachments that they have.  Regardless of what issues you may have, the steps in this posting should help release your issues or attachments or habits that do not serve your highest and best good.

It is like a self-healing.  However you have to do this, trust that it will work for you and believe in it.  The energies follow your intentions.  This does work!

You have to first cleanse yourself and place a protective shield around yourself every morning and every evening.  Do this for about 1 month daily, twice a day.  Once in the morning and once in the evening.  So here is what you do.

1.  To cleanse yourself, lie down in your bed or couch and close your eyes;

2.  Imagine Arch Angel Raphael with…

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