Guardian angels.

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How many times have you heard someone say, “You must have a guardian angel”? In my experience, this typically applies to auto breakdowns or general reckless driving (hopefully on someone else’s part!), but it could apply to anything.

That’s why I perked up when my Yahoo! news feed ran a story this morning called “Do Guardian Angels Exist? Investigating Our Invisible Companions.” The investigators’ response was yes and no.

These scientists studied endless reports of guardian angels showing up and saving the people involved from horrific crises, from terrible auto accidents to deep-sea cave malfunctions. In some cases, the victims saw and/or heard their own beloved dead, in some cases, they saw archangels like Raphael and Gabriel, and in some cases, a great white light or a voice urged them to return to the living or to take steps to remove themselves from harm.

The scientists ultimately concluded that humans…

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