What Are The Steps To Become A Reiki Master.

Reiki Self Attunement Way to Become a Reiki Healing Master.

What Are the Steps to Become a Reiki Master?

In order to practice Reiki one must undergo several periods of preparation. This way the
individual will be prepared to receive
and understand the secrets of working
with Ki, the divine force which governs

Usui, the first Reiki master and the one who has established the Reiki healing technique has
receives all the Reiki energy at once, thus being
able to heal himself, the others and at the same
time pass his knowledge of Reiki to his followers.

Similarly, he passed the power to his students at
once. Yet, Dr. Hayashi understood that not all
people who want to learn the principles of Reiki
are prepared to receive all the attunements at
once as they are not able to adapt to the power
that runs through them. This is why he broke
the empowerment procedure into 3 main levels.


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