Crystal Enchantment

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Obsidian is INTENSE! It’s created by the quick cooling of volcanic lava and boy can you feel the boiling energies of this crystal when you hold it. Well technically it’s glass not a crystal but that’s ok it all falls under the mineral kingdom anyway:)



Protection, removal of negative energies, grounding


Mineral Composition:

Silicone dioxide, Magnesium Oxide and Ferric Oxide


Healing Properties:

This is my favourite stone for eliminating negative energies from your aura. Hold onto a piece of obsidian for just a few seconds and it’s quite obvious that this material originated from volcanic lava. Especially when using a wand, (as pictured below), because the energy is concentrated into a single pathway and it shoots right towards the area your pointing the wand at. Make sure you clean this bad boy after each use, because unlike some crystals like quartz and selenite, obsidian absorbs rather…

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