Vapestick Ecig’s.

Recently I have been trying out lots of different E Cigarettes which have really helped me to kick the smoking habit. I’ve tried many different brands; some are great, and some not so much. Although all of them provide a far more healthy alternative to smoking regular cigarettes or tobacco, some have proven to be a rather expensive and sometimes poor substitute.

I have found that some ecig’s have good battery life, but bad tasting cartridges, or vice versa. Some ecig’s are quite complicated, using three or more different parts, which all need to be renewed regularly, and this can work out more expensive in the long run. My personal taste is to go for an ecig that is small, stylish and cigarette like. So for me, taste, battery life and appearance are all important.

I have found the ecig that fits all of the above criteria. It’s the Vapestick. I have tried three of their products and have been extremely impressed!

Lets start with my favourite Vapestick product, and my new best friend; the XL Kit.

Firstly the XL Kit looks really slick and stylish, and allows you to have your ecig’s charged and ready throughout the day.

It comes with a charger pack, two battery’s, two different chargers, and a choice of Vapestick cartridges. The cartridges come in Original, Tobacco, Menthol, Apple and Cherry flavours and come in 2.4% and 1.8% nicotine strengths.


Both the charger pack and the batteries are really nice to look at and feel lovely too. The cartridges taste amazing and give out loads of vapour. The battery life is excellent, and lasts a lot longer than most other cigarette sized batteries, and the charger pack charges one ecig whilst you use the other. It also holds three spare cartridges, so it’s ideal to take to work etc with you during the day.


My favourite flavour cartridge is either the Original or Tobacco. The fruity flavours are nice, but I prefer the more cigarette like taste. The flavours are really full and produce lots of vapour.

I have been so impressed by this product that I have recommended it to all of my smoker friends and family, and lots of them have bought this kit after trying mine! That’s why I felt the need to write about it now, and let people know that there is a fab smoking alternative out there that can help rid you of the killer weed 😀

The other Vapestick products I tried was the V Shisha and the Vigar.

The V Shisher ecig’s come in a pack of five different fruity flavours and contain no nicotine. My favourite flavour was the Blueberry, but they were all really nice and sweet tasting and gave out lots of vapour. They are really cute and colorful in appearance, and would be a great little ecig to take with you on a night out. A fun little ecig which is big on flavour and looks.


The Vigar is a cigar version of the ecig which I absolutely love! I thought it would be more of a novelty product, but the vapour and the flavour you get from it is unreal! It looks and feels just like a real Cuban type cigar, and would also make a really cool little item to take with you on a night out, or just chilling out at home. My Hubby even tried this one and loved it 😀
The Vigar comes in nicotine free and a 1.8 mg nicotine version, so it could be used by a non smoker too


Both the V Shisher and the Vigar are disposable and really reasonably priced, so they are a great entry-level product if you feel like trying out an ecig for yourself without having to spend too much money.

Here is a link to Vapestick’s website if you fancy trying them out for yourselves,

Enjoy! (I do!) 😀


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