The People’s Voice

Gnostic Peacock

David Icke is starting a new free TV & Radio station. Click here to make a contribution towards the start up costs.

A free global internet TV & Radio station broadcasting the information, background and opinions the mainstream media won’t touch

Please note: If we don’t reach our £100,000 goal your contribution will be fully refunded.

What is The People’s Voice?

How often is the question asked ‘What can I do?’ in the face of the global descent into Big Brother tyranny and oppression? How often do we hear it said that ‘the people’s voice should be heard’?

Well here is an answer to ‘What can I do?’ – an answer that will also guarantee that the people’s voice will be heard.

I have been communicating secret and suppressed information worldwide for nearly a quarter of a century and I spent nearly 20 years before that working in the mainstream…

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