Complain Less, Give Thanks More!

Jeneration Life

I can’t stress enough how important it is to give thanks for what you have in order to open the doors of happiness to your life. Every time I open up my Facebook I see people complaining about Mondays, work, traffic, annoying co-workers, being sick, being hung-over, being overweight, being single, not being single, etc. I’d really like to comment on most of their negative posts but I know for the most part, many won’t understand what I am trying to say. But the ones that try to understand this, guaranteed… will see changes in their life. It’s so simple! Stop looking for the negatives in your life! You will always find them! Stop complaining and start living. Every time you complain or say something negative about something, you will attract more of that… and more of that… and more of that… get it? But here’s the flip side to…

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