My name is K.S Rowan and I am a new author. I have written and published two books so far, and I am working on a third at the moment. The books are called; ‘Sweet Sixteen Vol 1’ and ‘Who Says Romance is Dead?’

‘Sweet Sixteen Vol 1’ is about a young lady called Sadie who is 15 years old and stumbles across a terrifying family secret that rocks her entire world. I first wrote about Sadie’s story as a hobbiest short story writer. I enetered it into some comeptitions as I had recieved fanatstic reviews for it on a writers forum online. I won prizes in four of those comepetitions for the story; two first prizes, a third and an honourable mention. It was then, after a lot of encouragement, I decided to expand on Sadies Sweet Sixteen story and publish it as my first ever book with Amazon for Kindle.

‘Who says Romance is Dead?’ is a collection of romantic and funny short stories that I wrote for the online writing forum and again recieved some great reviews for them, so decided to put a few together and publish them with Amazon for Kindle.

I have been overwhelmed and delighted with the feedback and reviews from people who have read my books, and this has given me the courage to carry on with my writing and continue Sadie’s story into the next book.

This book carries on from where the last book left off and finds Sadie trying to come to terms with her fantastical future. I am in the process of writing this book at the moment and  feeling very excited to carry on the tale!



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  1. It is wonderful to meet a fellow writer/blogger. Like you, I started off with short stories and moved on to novels…I wish you great success with your book. Thanks for following my blogl

  2. Hi Rowen,

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    -Awesome AJ
    Stay Motivated, Stay Awesome

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