Black Eyed Kids.

There have recently been increasing numbers of people having encounters with what is known as the Black Eyed Kids, or BEK’s.

All around the world people have seen and had interactions with these beings. They are usually between the ages of five to sixteen years old and are often found in pairs.

They approach people and ask their permission to be let in to their car, house etc and give specific reasons for this. They ask for directions, ask to be let in because they are cold, need to use phone/ toilet etc.

But they are not ordinary children. Whenever anyone has reported these incidents they say they are overwhelmed with pure fear. These children incite terror into the people they approach and have a very unnatural air about them. Their voices are not childlike and their speech is very annunciated and false. They don’t breath in and out like other human beings and they appear from nowhere it seems.

The main thing that terrifies people is the sight of these children’s eyes. They are totally black, with no colour, and no iris. The black covers the BEK’s entire eye. Their eyes have been compared to that of a sharks before they attack their pray. Almost predator like. Some people have also reported that the BEK’s have several rows of shark like, sharp little teeth.

This phenomena is becoming more and more frequent across the world. Could it be some kind of elaborate hoax? Or are the BEK’s a supernatural entity, a hybrid human/ alien form?

I myself can’t decide. I have attached some links below I have found on the Internet related to the BEK’s. Take a look for yourself and see what you think? ….