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Is Paul McCartney Really Paul McCartney?

As you probably know by now I am fascinated with conspiracy theories and trying to find out the truth about the people and world around us. Whilst doing some research for my book “Sweet Sixteen Vol 2” I have come across some amazing things. One of them that really stands out for me is that a huge amount of people believe that Paul McCartney was killed years ago in an accident and that he was replaced.

The reasoning, they believe, behind replacing Paul rather than admitting that he had in actual fact been killed was to make sure that the most popular band in the world stayed intact. There are also many other theories as to why, if it did happen, Paul would’ve been replaced with an imposter/ impersonator.

I have found a fantastic documentary and about this subject which has been really well researched and put together. I have posted the link for it below. I have also attached a video of Paul apparently shape shifting that someone has recorded as well.

Take a look and see what you think? …..