Crystal Enchantment

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Serpentine is one of the two main mineral components of atlantisite, and it is this stone which clears the energetic pathways in the body for Kundalini energy to flow through with ease.



Assisting Kundalini, clearing energetic pathways in body, removal of chakra blockages


Mineral Composition:

A group of minerals which are formed by the metamorphosis of ultramafic rocks


Healing Properties:

When you hold onto a piece of serpentine it’s easy to feel it’s energies start traveling through your entire body. When I meditate with it, the energies circulate through my  body until it feels as if all the energy is pouring out from my hands and feet. I like to spend at least ten minutes allowing it to flow in this way in order to clear out my energetic pathways. If there is a particular blockage in a chakra or other area of your body, going…

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Cleansing Crystals by the Light of the Moon

Wellness Zen Zone ~ Rx For Mind, Body, Soul

crystalCrystals are a great tool for healers or anyone who use them for ritual and healing work and to support their spiritual path. Since they absorb the energies of their subjects, it is important to cleanse them on a regular basis. What better time than during the Full Moon. This is a great way to cleanse them of any unwanted negative energies or vibrations and restore their healing properties. Crystals that are cleansed are recharged and ready to heal, strengthen intentions and promote power and confidence.

Don’t forget to cleanse your pendulums as well – even if they are not crystal. They absorb energies too!

Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius

Even if you don’t cleanse your crystals on a regular basis, this would be the time to do it. This is a fantastic opportunity during this Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Wow! A lot of energy is…

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Crystal Enchantment

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Obsidian is INTENSE! It’s created by the quick cooling of volcanic lava and boy can you feel the boiling energies of this crystal when you hold it. Well technically it’s glass not a crystal but that’s ok it all falls under the mineral kingdom anyway:)



Protection, removal of negative energies, grounding


Mineral Composition:

Silicone dioxide, Magnesium Oxide and Ferric Oxide


Healing Properties:

This is my favourite stone for eliminating negative energies from your aura. Hold onto a piece of obsidian for just a few seconds and it’s quite obvious that this material originated from volcanic lava. Especially when using a wand, (as pictured below), because the energy is concentrated into a single pathway and it shoots right towards the area your pointing the wand at. Make sure you clean this bad boy after each use, because unlike some crystals like quartz and selenite, obsidian absorbs rather…

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Unlock your third eye power

Christa Alexis

The third eye is know for psychic and intuitive abilities. It’s also often called the pineal gland, which explores the realms of higher consciousness. In order to strength this area, people can meditate, pray, and chant on a daily basis. Here’s simple steps to unlock  your full third eye potential.


1) Detoxify your pineal gland. Eat organic foods and products. Drink raw lemon juice, drink 3 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar in water, consume half a bulb of garlic.

2) Drink water with gemstones all day. Amethyst, tourmaline and tanzanite can be placed in water for a few hours. The water will take on the healing properties of the stone. 

3) Listen to Solfeggio Harmonies, 9 frequencies using numerology and Gregorian and Sanskrit Chants to create positive shifts in awareness. Click here for the pineal gland activation song.

4) Visit art museums, engage in star gazing, read books about increasing intuition and psychic abilities. Recommend…

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How to Feng Shui our Space?


I am a big fan of the Far East and would love to visit it one day. I’ve always found the oriental culture, fascinating and a whole new world for me to discover. During my process of discovery I was particularly attracted to the concept of Feng Shui. I can write an entire book regarding the topic but where I would like to focus is : How can we can Feng Shui our homes, rooms and offices?  It is important to take care of our space in order to achieve an inner harmony, and as result reflect it to the outside world.
In order to Feng Shui your space, you have to follow several steps. Take time and put the right dedication in each of them. That is why , I will thoroughly analyse each of the steps. Today we will start with the first one.



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7 Steps on How To Find Time to Meditate

Elizabeth Pfeiffer

If you have embarked on a meditative practice this is going to be the BIGGEST STEP in you whole process.

By creating the time to meditate or complete whatever spiritual practice you have you are sending a message to the Universe.

The message is I AM important and worthy.

Your actions show that taking the time out of your busy, hectic day for yourself to come into alignment with your Higher Self/Soul/Source/God/Goddess – whatever word you use… is important and that you are worth that time.

In return, the Universe will respond accordingly by bringing in the time to practice this, more inner peace, calm, grounding etc…

So here’s the glitch.

YOU have to decide that it’s important and that you are WORTH the 5-15 minutes it takes to meditate/practice.

Set it up in stone in your mind and make the time – Not FIND the time – Make it…

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Psychic Cleaning For Your Home



Springtime is here! Even though it really doesn’t feel like it in good ol’ New England, I am celebrating because I made it through my first winter without suffering from the blues! It’s a miracle. Or it’s crystals. You pick.

I like to clean. And like other light-workers, I like to take things to the next level. So when I clean I don’t just vacuum and wipe down the counters. I use crystals, bells, my voice, healing energy and color to get my apartment in the right shape.

Keeping your living space clean is really good for your energetic field, and your overall health.

I live in a small apartment, surrounded by others on all sides. So unless I keep the place energetically clean and protected, all of the technological pollution from the city gets into my home, and latches right onto me. Not to mention any negative or…

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