The Truth About ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Inner JEM

cgon507lWhen most people hear the phrase ‘Conspiracy Theory’, they usually envision geeky nerds who will believe the most outlandish b.s. instead of just accepting life as it is and getting a normal job like everyone else.  We think that these people have watched too many sci-fi movies and need to get out more and stop spending their time online or reading books or looking for UFO’s.  I used to think that, too, until I had my own eyes opened.  What we don’t realize is that some of these conspiracy theorists’ are the ones trying to empower us the most, if we just open your minds a little.  Unfortunately, we usually just brush them off as being too out there.  I really wish that the phrase ‘conspiracy theorist’ would be changed to ‘lie illuminator’.

There are many types of conspiracy theorists out there: Some are interested in life on planet Earth; Some…

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