Living Beyond Limits – Amy Purdy


This is a really amazing talk. As her story progresses you’ll see how the Law of Attraction came into play for her and allowed her to achieve what she did. I’ll let the speaker do the talking but be warned, I shed a few tears.

Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits

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Complain Less, Give Thanks More!

Jeneration Life

I can’t stress enough how important it is to give thanks for what you have in order to open the doors of happiness to your life. Every time I open up my Facebook I see people complaining about Mondays, work, traffic, annoying co-workers, being sick, being hung-over, being overweight, being single, not being single, etc. I’d really like to comment on most of their negative posts but I know for the most part, many won’t understand what I am trying to say. But the ones that try to understand this, guaranteed… will see changes in their life. It’s so simple! Stop looking for the negatives in your life! You will always find them! Stop complaining and start living. Every time you complain or say something negative about something, you will attract more of that… and more of that… and more of that… get it? But here’s the flip side to…

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Dreams are just a wish away..

Dream a little dream with me

It has always been difficult for me to comprehend how to achieve the goals i have always wanted to accomplish, not because of not knowing what i wanted, but more of a how and when-type situation. An old friend once gave me a book a few years ago called ‘The Secret’, that really opened my eyes to how we attract certain things to our lives, without consciously knowing that we are attracting whatever it is that comes. This book is a great read, and it’s also been turned into a film which visually shows you the meaning that Rhonda Byrne tries to convey. 

One thing I took from this book was the idea of a Dreamboard.

It’s essentially a visualization of what you want out of life. On this board you could put up a picture of what your dream house would be, your dream car, dream job. the idea…

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Top 10 Signs Your Attraction Power Is Getting Stronger and Good Things Are Coming Your Way

Law of Attraction Mastery

You know your attraction power is getting stronger and good things are in store for you when you notice:

  • You laugh more often
  • You feel more energetic
  • You spontaneously express joy more often
  • You notice more positive “coincidences” occurring in your life
  • Your relationships improve
  • Your less desirable friends and acquaintances drift away from you
  • You meet more desirable friends, potential lovers, potential business associates etc.
  • More desirable employment and/or business opportunities come your way
  • You increasingly get the feeling things are going your way
  • You feel increasingly confident your desires are in the process of manifestation

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A Positive Mindset and the Law of Attraction


I’ve read it everywhere – from weekly magazines, to interviews to philosophical books. Think positively. 

I’m human. I’m bound to have days where I didn’t just get off the wrong side of the bed, I fell off it. The rest of the day follows suit – and I end up getting annoyed and negative, snapping at anyone and everyone for silly reasons.

Then of course, there are days when I feel really, really good. I had a good night’s sleep, I got up well-rested, had a good breakfast, and the rest of the day follows similarly and I really enjoy myself.

I didn’t really know what this was called, but I did notice there was a pattern to how I thought and what I experienced in my surroundings. It was an observation I made over and over again. It’s only about a year ago that I found out that this…

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