Law of Attraction 101: Introduction to the Law of Attraction

Clearly Thriving

The Law of Attraction

I’m sure by now most of us have heard about the law of attraction. If not, the law of attraction basically states like attracts like. Let me elaborate on that by example. Say you walk into a restaurant with a negative attitude and you end up having a crummy time. For instance, you may end up waiting for what seems like a long time to be seated, or you may attract the new/clumsy/rude waitress, the chef might put onions on your burger when you specifically asked for no onions… The point is, the negative attitude you went in there withattracted the negative experiences. The good news is, it works both ways. The even better news is that how you feel is always your choice!

Your Point of Attraction

If you are experiencing happiness, your point of attraction will bring you more happy circumstances…

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Law of Attraction 104: Focus

Clearly Thriving

Vibrational Focus

Let’s talk about focus. What is focus? One could describe focus as pinpointing a specific target via sight. We can see that it’s easy to focus in the physical world, but how do we focus vibrationally? Simply put, true focus is thinking about a certain subject and holding that thought. Most people don’t realize that their dominant thoughts are creating their lives. What they focus on most will become their life experience. What are you focusing on? So many people want to attract more money into their lives. That’s great and all, but it won’t appear if they’re focusing on the lack of money. It takes a bit more than a desire for more wealth. It takes deliberate thought on the desire. You have to tip the balance from your focus on the lack of money to a focus that says “I have more than enough money”

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Protect the African Lion from Hunters

The Green Petition


Click this link and sign the peition to  Save the African Lion

The IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) are petitioning to protect the lives of the iconic, majestic species, the African lion. Through their petitions, they aimto have this magnificent breed of lions listed as Endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). These lions are indisputably in danger as they face never ending threats of habitat destruction and fragmentation, loss of traditional prey species, disease and inevitable conflict with humans. In the last 3 decades, the African lion population has dropped by 50%, and have disappeared from over 75% of their current habitat. Since the United States is the largest importer of African lion parts, listing them as Endangered in the US would be a significant step in ensuring the long-term survival of this iconic and magnificent species. Are you a fan of one of the worlds…

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Chakra of the week- Heart Chakra

Nomadic Inspiration

Chakra’s are the spiritual connections between this physical world and the other dimensions. They are vortexes that allow for energy to flow to and from this physical dimension to the others.

These representations of each chakra are intended to be more than art, they are meant to be aids in meditation. They will help you tune into the wavelength and frequency of that specific chakra.

As you will notice some of these chakras do not match what is universally accepted as its color of influence. The reason for this is sometimes an object I shoot has the energy and vibration of that chakra without the color most would associate with it.

The personal chakras are going to be more closely represented by the color of influence. However the transpersonal chakras are much more wide open simply because of the variety of exposure they experience.

The number 11 is prevalent throughout…

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Chakra Healing/Clearing Meditation

Awakening Journey

“As Aura permeates our physical body it creates swirling vortexes of energy at specific places which are our endocrine glands. These vortexes of energy look like spinning wheels and hence the name ‘Chakras’. There are seven major Chakras, each of which controls specific organs in the body and are in turn governed by expressions, feelings and senses, including the sixth sense.””As we go through different experiences and challenges that life poses to us in our path to realisation of perfection, our thoughts, attitudes and reactions which tend towards fears or negativity, block our chakras. These negative emotion(s), faulty beliefs or rigid, dogmatic spiritual perceptions have to be released in order to open the chakras.” 

“Once chakras get blocked, the free flow of energy to the chakras gets inhibited and you develop emotional disorder and physical ailment related to the chakras. By working with your Chakras, you can clear away the stagnant…

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ROK Icon Kit.

I cannot believe we are already in October 2013, where has the time gone?! It will be Christmas before you know it!


This month however we still have Halloween to celebrate. I love the little one’s trick or treating, and might even dress up myself again this year 😀


This October is not only Halloween, it is also ‘Stoptober’ – a time when smokers in the UK try to stop smoking for 28 days, so what better time than to review another ecig for you?

As you may already know from my previous posts, I have managed to give up smoking after years of being addicted with the help of a fairly new product on the market, the ecig. I have tried a new one recently which I really like, so hopefully this post may help someone else kick the habit!

I have tried many brands since giving up smoking tobacco cigarettes last year, and have a few favourites that I use on a regular basis. One of these is the ROK ecig brand. ROK products are always of a very high standard, and their customer service and delivery are always spot on.

I’ve already got the ROK Legend kit which is fantastic. I also have the ROK Jet Black kit and have tried their disposable ecig’s which are excellent too. So when ROK introduced their newest product, the ROK Icon kit, I thought I should give it a try!

20131001-072645 am.jpg

The kit comprises of:

1 x Rechargeable power pack (1100mAh)
2 x Rechargeable batteries (140mAh)
6 x E cigarette tips (3 Tobacco, 1 each of Coffee, Cherry & Vanilla flavour | Strong 1.6%)
1x USB charge lead for your power pack
1x Legal information card
1x Plain English user manual
20131001-072636 am.jpg

The ROK Icon has the slimmest and most regular cigarette packet like recharging case, slightly smaller than your average smartphone, and feels lovely and soft to touch. It also has beveled edges so it won’t poke you with any sharp edges if you put it in your pocket!


The batteries seem to last longer than other cigarette sizes batteries, and are charged really easily when on the move by just pressing them into the charging slot in the case. This new feature of just pushing the battery into place, rather than fiddling about twisting it into place and then pushing another button to charge makes the whole thing a lot easier. The case itself holds it’s charge really well too.

20131001-072707 am.jpg

The flavour and the vapour produced from the refill tips is really good, lots of flavour, lots of vapour. The only drawback I find with the refills, and this is a personal preference, is that the cartomisers only go up to a 1.6mg nicotene strength cartomiser. I prefer the 2.4 mg strength in e cig refills and liquids, so the throat hit etc wasn’t quite strong enough for me to use exclusively yet. Apart from that they are excellent, I particularly like the Cafe Cino coffee flavour. They work out at around £1.80 per refill which provides the equivalent of 35 regular cigarettes which is great value for money.

I think ROK have definatly listened to their customers, as all of these little touches – such as the soft case and push in charging slot, really make a difference. The case not only feels nice, but looks really stylish and impressive too. All in all a lovely kit and would highly recommend giving it a go!

The kit is being introduced at the special rate of £39.99 – so grab it while it’s hot! here is a link to ROK’s website:

Happy vaping,  and good luck in Stoptober everyone 😀


stoptober 2

Exploring the realm of AURA : INDIGO

My Paradoxical Paradise

The second color of VIBGYOR, INDIGO










It relates to the third eye chakra and pituitary gland and is associated with spiritual awakening, intuitiveness and deep feelings.

In the previous post we saw, how Violet relates to the Crown chakra that happens to be the first chakra. Now we can infer that the second color INDIGO relates to the second Chakra, ie the Third Eye Chakra.

What is more intriguing is that the third eye finds mention in every ancient civilization known. Be it the “Eye of Horus” of the Egyptians or the Third Eye of Lord Shiva in Hinduism or in Taoism of the Chinese which teaches that the third eye, also called the mind’s eye serves as a portal of cosmic consciousness and the most prominent of all, the “All-seeing eye” of freemasonry. One can find the equivalent of the third…

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