Sweet Sixteen Vol 1.



3d sweet sixteen



Sweet Sixteen Vol 1 is the first book in a series of a young adult supernatural tale.

A young teenage girl named Sadie is plunged from her happy and contented enough normal life into pure terror and fear.

She makes a shocking discovery about her family’s dark, demonic and downright horrifying heritage and background.

Sadie’s life is blown to pieces as she tries to come to terms with what her family’s, and her own, lives mean after this revelation. She now has to cope with her supernatural origin, her place in this world and finding her first love in the form of Brad Mitchell. Brad is a young A list actor who has just taken Hollywood by storm and is a teen heart-throb, so why has he chosen Sadie over all the other girls when he could have anyone in the world he wanted?

All of this will be revealed during Sadie’s Sweet Sixteen birthday party which coincides with her coming of age ceremony – something she now has to go through as part of her newly discovered supernatural path.

If you are a fan of supernatural, scary, paranormal and sometimes romantic young adult fiction then you will enjoy this book (0;





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